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Ripple Effect - Kristin Mayer

They say a soulmate only comes along once. I believe it, too. I had my chance, but it slipped away. Each day a little more of myself dies, but I pretend I’m fine.

That is until I see him—the man who makes me feel alive—Garrick Shaw.

Something within me changes. It’s unavoidable and unlike anything I’ve ever known. And it scares me, terrifies me.

But there’s another danger lurking around the corner. Someone is conspiring to take it all away.

Who are they?
What do they want?
Why are they after me?

Only time will reveal what’s really going on. Hopefully, Garrick and I survive the fallout.

Untouched Perfection

Untouched Perfection
Flawless Perfection
Domino Effect - Kristin Mayer

Flawless Perfection

Flawless Perfection is coming August 25th! 
The conclusion to Garrick and Knoah's story!

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Three words altered my life forever. It has to be a terrible mistake. Yet … I know it’s not.


I fear what comes next.


Someone still wants me. I can sense the desperation behind their attempts. Garrick vows to protect me and I cling to his words.


Will it be enough?


The only thing I know is I can’t lose Garrick. And if I have to sacrifice everything to save him … I will.

Tempting Perfection

Tempting Perfection

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Together we were explosive. Apart we were miserable.

I know he wants more, but he denies himself. His gaze burns with desire when he looks at me. But the wall he has built keeps me out.

I sense he’s hiding something.

But, then, so am I.

To guard our hearts, we’ve kept our secrets locked away. But secrets are like love—one way or another, they find a way.

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