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White Lies

White Lies

white lies cover.jpg

Nothing is as it seems. Our love. Our life. Our future.

Were the lies to protect me? Or was it something else?

There has to be a reason behind all of this. Finding out he doesn't love me would devastate me beyond belief.

They say white lies are harmless, but I don’t believe it. There has to be more to our story.

White Lies is book 1 in the Twisted Fate Series.

Entire Series is available.

Black Truth
black truth.jpg

Black Truth

The lies all make sense now.

The answers I once sought are no longer a mystery … but everything I found only leads to more questions.

They say it’s better to have the cruel truth rather than a comfortable delusion. I’m not sure if I believe that anymore.

Sometimes the black truth is scarier than the white lie.

Black Truth is book 2 in the Twisted Fate Series.

Entire Series is available.

Box Set

Twisted Fate Box Set

The entire Twisted Fate Series is available in a box set.

Reading Order:

Book 1 - White Lies

Book 2 - Black Truth

Sometimes the white lie is worse than the black truth. 

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